Tension Headaches

Tension type headache may be described as a constant, tight, heavy or pressing sensation on or around the head. Others have described jabbing pain or tautness and tightness around the neck, head and shoulders. Other symptoms such as nausea and indigestion are not unknown.

We understand how frustrating and debilitating tension headaches are

What are Tension Headaches?

Headache Australia describe Tension-type headache as the most widespread headache disorder, with international studies showing an average prevalence of 36% for men, and 42% for women. These figures would seem to indicate that around 7 million Australians are likely to have tension type headaches. At Bangalow Headache Clinic we are able to help.

Safe & Fast

All techniques involve targeted, slow and sustained pressure. There is NO manipulation (cracking) of the spine.


80% of people assessed have treatable and relevant dysfunction. Most of these will see significant changes in the first two weeks.

100% Natural

No drugs, needles, toxic chemicals or side-effects. Just correcting a previously misunderstood fault in biomechanics.

Our methods

In the majority of cases the cause is at the top of your neck. Most often this is misdiagnosed or missed and poorly treated. We have the training to screen for this fault and if found, correct it. This unique approach offers you long-term sustainable relief and self-management.

We also treat...

Our experts treat a number of headache and jaw pain issues, and have a high level of knowledge and experience with any pain you may be suffering from.

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