Headache Treatment

If you are unsure of the type of headache you have, we can help you identify the type of headache and recommend the best treatments.

Fed up with migraine treatments that involve drugs and only ease the pain and symptoms temporarily?

Bangalow Headache Clinic uses drug-free and natural techniques to explore the relationship between your neck and migraine or headache symptoms.

While recent research has shown the neck to be contributing factor, our experience shows it to be a major contributor. Treating your neck with our techniques aims to reduce the irritation of the nerves causing migraines.

We understand how frustrating and debilitating headaches are

We understand how frustrating and debilitating migraine headaches are and know our clients will ask us why our treatment will succeed when the best medical interventions they’ve tried haven’t worked.

Safe & Fast

All techniques involve targeted, slow and sustained pressure. There is NO manipulation (cracking) of the spine.


80% of people assessed have treatable and relevant dysfunction. Most of these will see significant changes in the first two weeks.

100% Natural

No drugs, needles, toxic chemicals or side-effects. Just correcting a previously misunderstood fault in biomechanics.

Our methods

Headache presents differently in each person, so we spend the time to listen and understand what has been happening for you. This provides us with valuable information we use to thoroughly and accurately assess your headache/migraine condition. The information you provide allows us to assess your response and progress.

Rather than hope that your condition is going to respond to our treatment we thoroughly assess the top of your neck. This gentle process will provide key findings, which will indicate if treatment should go ahead. In 80% of assessments we identify and reverse a previously misunderstood and poorly treated fault in the top of the neck. In the 20% of people in whom we don’t find a relevant problem, we don’t treat. As much as we would like to treat everybody, we know we cannot and don’t waste the time of those in whom we know the techniques will be ineffective.

Our Treatment Guarantee

We expect you to see significant change to your headache and migraine symptoms within 4-5 treatments (over a two week period). If not, we will cease treatment.

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