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Located in Bangalow NSW, we offer Natural treatments for all types of Headaches as well as Jaw Pain & Dizziness. 

Suffering from headaches, weather it’s a migraine, tension, hormonal or cluster. Our unique innovative approach could see you pain free in 2 weeks.

We can help with your Jaw pain, at Bangalow Headache and Jaw clinic we offernatural drug free solutions to get your life back on track. 

Do you suffer from, vertigo, lack of balance or feeling dizzy. We can help relieve your symptoms and also help to discover the root cause. 

At Bangalow Headache Clinic we treat all headache & jaw related disorders. Jaw pain, locking, clicking and grinding, as well as Vestibular disorders.

We use natural, drug-free and manipulation-free techniques to explore the relationship between your neck and your headache and migraine. Our assessment and service is a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the upper neck and any relation-ship it may have to migraine and headaches.

No drugs, needles, toxic chemicals or side-effects. Just correcting a previously misunderstood fault in biomechanics.

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We treat all types of headaches

Our experts treat a number of headache and jaw pain issues, and have a high level of knowledge and experience with any pain you may be suffering from.


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Menstrual Headache

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Cluster Headache

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Tension Headache

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Migraine Headache

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Jaw Pain & Issues

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General Headache

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Our Treatment Guarantee

We expect you to see significant change to your headache and migraine symptoms within 4-5 treatments (over a two week period). If not, we will cease treatment.

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