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Temperomandibular joint Dysfunction (TMD) is a common problem often found in individuals between the ages of 20 and 40. Approximately 33% of the population has at least one TMD symptom and 3.6% to 7% of the population has TMD with sufficient severity to cause them to seek treatment.

Try this simple jaw health check!

Can you put three fingers vertically into your mouth?

This is a simple self check but gives us a good indication about functionality of your jaw joint.

Generally, you should be able to place 3 fingers vertically in your mouth between top and bottom teeth. Many people suffer from restricted jaw opening and associated symptoms such as pain, clicking, popping or grinding. The problem can be one sided or both sides.

It is also possible to have too much jaw opening which can possibly indicate instability in the jaw joints also with resulting pain, popping or clicking.

If you have a pain, popping, clicking, grinding or restriction see us now and get back your healthy jaw and a big smile!

We understand how frustrating and debilitating Jaw Pain can be, but we can help

What is Jaw Pain?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is formed by the bony round knuckle at one end of the jaw bone riding in a partial dish-like part of the skull that allows for hinging and sliding of the jaw with the aid of a fibrous disc. Muscles of chewing are primarily responsible for movement of this joint.

Problems can develop in the jaw for a number of reasons. Sometimes it can be trauma, postural habits, stress, chewing habits, neck problems and alignment of teeth. We can work with your dentist, prosthodontist or orthodontist to alleviate your pain and improve jaw function.

Sometimes the disc in the jaw can move forward, backward or even sideways and contribute to locking, clicking, popping or grinding. We take the time using our extensive training, knowledge and experience with treating jaw problems to assess what is causing your problem. We then work with you to correct the dysfunction, carefully explaining why the problem exists and how to remedy the problem. This often means you will be given home exercises to perform.

Safe & Fast

All techniques involve targeted, slow and sustained pressure. There is NO manipulation (cracking) of the spine.


80% of people assessed have treatable and relevant dysfunction. Most of these will see significant changes in the first two weeks.

100% Natural

No drugs, needles, toxic chemicals or side-effects. Just correcting a previously misunderstood fault in biomechanics.

Faulty Jaw Indicators

Many of our patients complain of:
  • Clicking/grinding/ popping Jaw
  • Pain/ Tiredness of Jaw
  • Locked Jaw (your lower jaw can be stuck /locked closed or open)
  • Night grinding (bruxism) / clenching and worn / cracked teeth
  • Tight cheek muscles/ Facial pain/ ear ache/ headache
  • Jaw stiffness – difficulty opening mouth
  • Mouth does not open straight
  • Problems with biting, chewing and eating
  • History of facial or jaw injury Some studies suggest that between 5% and 12% of the population suffer from Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder (TMD). From our experience, it is not a surprising figure.

Our methods

Getting to the root cause of your jaw problem involves a complex individual assessment of contributing factors and analysis of jaw biomechanics. At Bangalow Headache Clinic Michael has trained extensively in both Australia and overseas to develop significant expertise in successfully treating jaw problems.

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Our experts treat a number of headache and jaw pain issues, and have a high level of knowledge and experience with any pain you may be suffering from.

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