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We treat:

Headache and migraine related disorders.

Jaw pain, locking, clicking and grinding.

Vestibular disorders.

We use natural, drug-free and manipulation-free techniques to explore the relationship between your neck and your headache and migraine. Our assessment and service is a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the upper neck and any relationship it may have to migraine and headaches.

DID YOU KNOW: up to 80% of headache and migraine disorders are directly attributable to the neck?

Have you been suffering headache or migraine for prolonged periods and despite tests and scans and consultations, still do not know the cause? We can tell you within 15 minutes whether your neck is likely to be the reason for your headache or migraine.

The Watson Headache Approach® consists of a series of techniques which when applied systematically will confirm or rule out upper neck disorders as the causative factor of sensitisation of the brainstem; the underlying disorder in up to 80% of headache and migraine conditions.

The Watson Headache Approach® identifies a previously unrecognised clinical pattern. The Approach accurately determines the neck joints involved and experience has shown it to be effective for many different forms of headache or migraine.

Using the proven Watson Headache Approach® we assess your condition to determine if your neck is related to your headache and/or migraine.

Our assessment and treatment techniques are precise and will predict who we can and cannot treat. Our aim is to provide sustainable and drug-free relief from headache and migraine. If you suffer from headache/migraine, jaw or vestibular disorders call us today for your obligation-free telephone consultation.

Our aim is to provide permanent and sustained relief from headache and migraine pain.

Phone us now for an immediate, obligation-free consultation where we will advise if your headache and migraine is treatable using our technique. If we can’t help you, we will not treat you.


We expect you to see significant change to your headache and migraine symptoms within 4-5 treatments (over a two week period). If not, we will cease treatment.


We treat patients from all over the region including Ballina, Lismore, Alstonville, Bangalow and Byron Bay